Day One of Year Eleven

Day One of Year Eleven

This post marks the start of my 11th year of blogging.

Ten years ago yesterday, I wrote about a beach trip with several close friends and the rest is history. Since then it has been a long, strange and amazing adventure.

Over the years, my writing has certainly evolved. I've always treated this as an online journal, but as the web matured and more people got to know me I've certainly pulled back my writing.

I remember when podcasting started getting popular and being one of the first professional podcasters brought a lot of attention my way. Laura made a comment that she missed my old blogging because it always felt like she was getting to peek inside my brain. While I'm still very open with my thoughts and words, I do censor myself from time to time as I know the audience reading is much greater than the small band of friends and family who were reading back in 2002.

As much as some things have changed, many have stayed the same.

Too many people write for the hope of eyeballs. They forget to let their thoughts flow and share a part of their soul. They depend on bulleted lists and eye popping headlines to bring in readers. They write because they feel they have to, rather than actually having something to say. When all else fails they make a list or go to the link baiting pond in the hopes of stirring up attention.

I blog because I've always needed to create and share my thoughts.

It has helped me launch businesses, write a book (now two), meet thousands of people around the world, form some of the closest friendships of my life and take part in amazing experience after experience.

Ten years from now I wonder what the world around me will look like. I certainly didn't think I was going to be where I am today when I wrote those few words ten years ago.

Onward and upward!


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