Shakespeare Empowers Me to Speak

Many of you know that I make part of my living as a speaker. I've been on stages around the world. I get brought in to talk to small corporate teams or to rooms full of conference attendees.

Public speaking scares people and I get asked all the time how I can do it.

My response is always, "Once you've had a donkey head on stage reciting Shakespeare, you can do anything."

Today is The Bard's birthday and I'm writing this post as part of the global celebration.

Go to and you'll find a variety of posts from around the world also celebrating. There is also a fun video that if you watch you'll see both myself and my daughter Emily in.

People either giggle when I give them the answer or look at me with a blank stare. Either way it usually leads to a fun conversation.

But, it is true. I get nervous right before going on stage every time. If you don't, then I think  your not human. But, I always think back to one particular performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream as I walked out center stage with the donkey head on and I heard my grandmother laughing out of control. It was in that moment where I had to hold back from laughing myself and remember my lines. Easily one of the most challenging five minutes of my life.

I think back to that and grin. It was such a terrifying moment that now is a happy memory.

I step out onto the stage and get to repeat that intense moment of fright that changes into a great memory.

Thank you Shakespeare!

Photo Credit: The Geek Giant