Superbowl Mixed Feelings

Superbowl Mixed Feelings

Unless you live in cave, you know that yesterday was The Superbowl and of course that means a whole bunch of commercials that companies spent millions of dollars to put their messages in front of your eyeballs.

$3.5 million was the publicized price for a thirty second spot. Add in the actual productions costs, agency costs and you've got a lot of money being spent.

As a marketer, I understand the power of a commercial during such a huge event, but I also know the scope of a campaign that could be done with those same dollars.

I've worked on projects with big budgets so I know what can be done. Personally I'd rather do something with more long term benefits than a couple days of conversation and then nothing.

My other problem is when the money spent on an ad could be used to directly help others that are leveraged in a commercial.

Specifically I'm looking at the Chrysler ad "Halftime in America" featuring Clint Eastwood (which I loved), but it pissed me off because just think how much help that money could have done directly in Detroit if given to schools, new businesses and people on the ground making the second half a success? I instantly thought of Lemonade: Detroit and how any one of those people could use some of that money.

It is a one of a kind event and as a die-hard football fan, I'll always be excited about the big game. I just find myself on Monday morning conflicted over the amount of money spent.