Headed to The Hambletonian

Headed to The Hambletonian

The Hambletonian "What do you know about The Hambletonian?"

That was how a recent phone call started for me. My answer was simply "nothing, what is it?"

I would learn that The Hambletonian is an annual harness horse race dating back to 1926. It is considered one of the world's top horse racing events and has the highest payout of any race of it's type.

I have fond memories of watching harness  races when I was growing up. Every year we'd go to the Vermont State Fair. At some point in the afternoon we'd take a break from all the walking, grab some Smiley's Fries and kick back to watch a few races. It was fun and I'm sure it gave my parents a break from us dragging them around to rides and exhibits.

On August 3rd, started at 3:30 pm on CBS Sports Network the race will be televised.


While you are watching the race on television, I've been hired to come down to the race track and experience it first hand.

This should be an exciting few days as I meet with owners, trainers and of course the horses. I don't know what my schedule is yet, but I know I'm going to be at the track in the days leading up to the races.

I don't know if they wear big hats that you see at other races or have a signature drink, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

Word is that this is a family friendly event with lots of activities to do before, during and after the races.

Hope I can learn how to bet on the races as well so that I can experience that for the first time.

Feels like this event will include lots of new experiences for me, so I can't wait and of course I'll be capturing and sharing all of it with you.

#Hambo13 is the official hashtag of the event or you can follow along on the Hambletonian 2013 Instagram account.

If you've been or are a fan of harness racing, I'd love your advice and insights. It is a sport I know very little about.

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