What I'm Packing to Cover The Hambletonian

What I'm Packing to Cover The Hambletonian

gear-for-hambo13 Tomorrow I'm on an early flight to get me to the first press event for The Hambletonian and then I'll be spending the rest of the week at the racetrack learning and sharing everything I can about the event.

Being hired to cover something instantly adds more pressure than just being invited to attend something.

While I always want to do a good job, when there is money involved you have to step everything up a notch.

Yesterday was gear day as I decided what was coming with me and what was staying. You need to do this before the last minute so that if you discover something is missing (like a battery for my main camera was) you have time to overnight ship it to yourself or run to the store to buy it.

For this assignment I know I'm going to be shooting mainly photos, but hope to sneak in some video as well. We will be at a racetrack with access to shooting the race, horses and individuals. Plus, everything will be moving so I want it to be as light as possible.

I've opted to use my GORUCK GR2 because while it is more space than I need, there is no reason to cram everything into my GR1. Plus, it has lots of pockets and I love pockets.

Inside, I'll be carrying (affiliate links):

There will also be an assortment of cables, my notebook and other items in my backpack to keep me going. I'll also be shooting with my iPhone and sharing on Instagram.

I'm also going to be testing out a new piece of gear called a Capture Camera Clip v2 that in tests in my office easily attaches to my tripod for easy on and off or to the MOLLE straps on my GORUCK if I want an easy way to carry around my GoPro or other piece of gear.

Finally, there is also a Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye arriving today that I rented from LensProToGo. It is always fun to rent a lens for an assignment like this and I wanted to try out this lens for some nice wide shots of the racetrack. Plus, when I get to support a local company it makes me happy.

You never really know what you need until you are on site, but being prepared for a variety of situations and asking questions up front will save you headaches.

The Hambletonian happens on Saturday August 3rd and you can watch it live on CBS Sports Network or follow along virtually with #Hambo13.