More Committed Than Ever

Working at the UN Foundation A well lived life is one full of good people, good times and great memories. These past few days certainly added all three to my life.

Yet, as I sit here in my office looking out at white of New England in every direction, my mind is still processing all that I learned this past weekend as I became one of the first UN Foundation Social Good Fellows and the greater world all around me beyond the snow outside my windows.

Spending three days in Washington, DC getting briefed from a mixture of organizations (MAMA, Hope PhonesProject Diaspora) and government entities (State Department, UN Refugee Agency, USAID) has my brain stretched and challenged.

There are so many stories to be told, people to help and improvements to be made.

We have to figure out how to give every child a Shot@Life and spark innovation for clean cookstoves.

The special sneak preview of The Revolutionary Optimists reminded me of the determination of children and watching what occured through Villages in Action inspired me to find a way for more local events of this sort to occur.

There are so many places in this world that I have yet to see. So many stories that no one is hearing, but if I find them I can share them with the world. Too many kids not being given the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

I was already dedicated to making the world a better place, but after this weekend I'm more committed than ever.