When a Crazy Idea Becomes a Beautiful Reality

When a Crazy Idea Becomes a Beautiful Reality

mercybracelet My brain never stops creating. As long as I can remember, my imagination has been in overdrive and rarely do I have a truly silent moment in my life.

For years when working with clients or organizations I've been the guy who will start a statement with "this might be a crazy idea, but what if we..." and then you never know what might come out.

So, when I saw a random tweet from Bentley University referencing Ghana and beads, I had to find out more.

After a couple of emails I'd find myself sitting down over coffee with the team behind Project Bead.

These ambitious young women had adopted a school of children and wanted to find a way to help them pay for their future education. They found local bead makers in Ghana and began purchasing and selling their products around the world with the profits going to help the kids.

I left our meeting filled with energy. I offered to help and advise them any way that I could and then I dropped my crazy idea.

As you know, when I was in Ghana my life was changed by a little girl named Mercy. Her thirteen years on this earth were not easy ones and sadly she is no longer with us. Before she passed away, I always dreamed I'd find a way to help make sure her future was brighter and I was never given the chance.

What if we created a bracelet in memory of Mercy? One that would help children in her country get the education that she never was able to?

Unlike so many other organizations I've brought my crazy ideas to who pat me on the head and send me on my way, Project Bead instantly said yes and today I'm elated to share with you their Mercy Bracelet.

It was a fun process choosing a bracelet because I wanted to get it right. Originally I had thought about having the color blue somewhere in it since that is the color that I first think of when I think of her, but then I saw these translucent white ones.

They made me think of the white ONE bracelets that I wore and I would have never met this girl if it hadn't been for the ONE Campaign.

I hope they don't mind the bit of inspiration. Somehow I know they wont.

Please, do me a favor and help the children in Ghana who will benefit from you purchasing a bracelet. I want to sell out of these immediately so that more have to be created.

If you are not a fan of this style, check out all the other great bracelets that Project Bead offers. They are all beautiful and hand made in Ghana.

While I couldn't save Mercy, you can be damn sure I'm going to do everything I can to help out as many people in the world before I leave it as well.

Thank you Project Bead for allowing my crazy idea to become a beautiful reality. This means more to me than you'll ever know.

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