A Warm Walk In The Woods

Inverted Selfie This time of year I always get the itch to get outdoors.

It was unseasonably warm this past weekend and I looked down at my hiking boots and they were crying out to get some dirt and mud on them.

There was too much snow in the woods, but I knew Hopkinton State Park would have cleared roads to walk through the woods on.

So, my daughter, dog and I went for a walk. Of course my camera came along for the walk. I wouldn't be much of a Samsung Imagelogger if it didn't.

Lonely Lake

To the Beach

Roxie & Emily

No Lifeguard on Duty

Roxie Ripples

The Forgotten Shovel

Lone Tree

Evil Curves

Don't forget to get outside and away from a screen this time of year. It'll do wonders for you. Promise!

All photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy NX that I was given as part of the Samsung Imagelogger program.