No TBEX For Me This Weekend

No TBEX For Me This Weekend

Choices In a world filled to the brim with opportunities, we all have to make choices.

Right now, I'm gearing up to fly to Toronto to speak tomorrow at Tweetstock. I'll be jumping back on a plane and coming home before I know it.

At this exact same time, friends from around the globe are also gearing up to travel to Toronto for this weekend's TBEX. Knowing that we are going to cross paths in the air, but never get the chance to hug and say hello does make me sad.

But, it was a choice I had to make and honestly it was quite an easy one.

While I bought a ticket to attend TBEX the moment they went on sale, I later found out that this weekend will be my Dylan's final lacrosse game. I don't know if he'll continue to play in high school or not, so there was zero possibility I was going to miss this game.

I hope everyone has a great time in Toronto. It is a perfect city to host TBEX with lots of great adventures happening before and after the event.

To all the friends I made last year in Colorado and Girona, I'm sorry I can't be there in person to see you, but please know I'm there in spirit.

Safe travels!