Reading Makes the World a Better Place

Reading Makes the World a Better Place

Emily Reads Growing up, you would often find me lost in the pages of the book. It is what fueled my imagination and sense of wonder my entire life.

If I hadn't walked the road to Moria, stood on the battlefield on St. Crispin's Day or sailed down a river on a homemade raft there is no chance I would have grown up to be the man I am today.

Today is National Family Literacy Day and I'm helping raise money for a great cause works hard to insure that families around the country discover the power of reading and get all the assistance needed to make that a reality.

The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) is launching The Big Give for Families Learning – an exciting and unprecedented fundraising challenge to raise $25,000 for family learning programs and services.

The #NCFLBigGive is designed to motivate individuals across the country to lift up vulnerable families in a BIG way, by raising money together to support literacy and learning in communities nationwide.

A national 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, NCFL believes that learning is an infinite and ongoing exchange among parents, children, educators and communities. From a conversation around the dinner table to a day in the classroom, they believe the real world is both how and why we learn. NCFL leads a collective of people and programs unified by a single mission – Families Learning Together. They bring the right people to the table – educators, influencers, dreamers and doers – to create vessels for learning.

I serve as an Advisor to the NCFL and am a big fan of the Wonderopolis site they run. Every parent should have a bookmark to the site because it is full of awesome.

They need your help to continue to do the amazing work they do and I hope you'll consider donating today.

Your donation will not only make me smile, but it will help kids and families get access to the resources they need so that another generation grows up wandering and wondering through the pages of books.