The Quiet Moments of Travel

The Quiet Moments of Travel

sunsetinthevineyard-cc-chapman The quiet moments on the road are my favorite ones.

Sure, the rush that comes from giving a keynote always fills the soul with positive energy and feels great. But, after all the airports, hotel rooms and late nights, it is the quiet moments of travel  that I cherish.

Recently while staying at The Meritage Resort & Spa in Napa, California I noticed that there were walking paths through their vineyard. I had several free hours and the beautiful sun so how could I not take my camera for a walk and enjoy the crisp air?

Too many travelers choose to spend their time locked away in their hotel room or on a stool at the bar. While both of these occur plenty enough, I try to always get out and see what is around me.

Walking the Meritage Vineyard

The paths were simple and beautiful. Reminisant of the cow paths of New England. No clear cut and paved roads here. Just a rambling path up a few stairs and around the corners between the grapes.

The sun was setting and it made taking photographs a challenge, but a welcomed one.

Walking the Meritage Vineyard

Throwing shadows in all directions breathed new life into what may have been some boring run of the mill photos. The sun adding a new level of interest to each blade of grass and tree I passed.

Clicking the shutter, I decided to wait until later to see what I captured. I chose to sit, think and idle well for a bit to really take in the beauty surrounding me.

Walking the Meritage Vineyard

Travel presents you with infinite possibilities. From a plate being placed in front of you that you've never seen before to a glass filled with the sweetest of new tastes.

Just outside your hotel door is a world waiting to be discovered, captured and shared with others. Not everyone will see the things you see or share in the same experiences. Each of us brings a unique eye to every situation and how we choose to tell it is up to us.

My path is to travel, see and share as much of the world as possible. Even something as simple as an hour walk around a wine vineyard leaves a big impression on me.

The quiet moments of travel may not be the best, but they are always appreciated.