Walking in Wine Country

Walking in Wine Country

The Sun Sets in Wine Country There was a crispness to the cool air, as the sun set over wine country.

The walking paths through the vineyards at The Meritage Resort and Spa were a welcome distraction after spending most of the day in an airplane seat.

Wandering through the rows of grapes and thinking about everything that brought me to this point gave me plenty to ponder as the sun set and beautiful shadows began to form around every corner.

It is strange to be here alone. The last time I was here, Laura and I had a great vacation.

Napa and the entire wine country is a beautiful mix of everything I love in life, but this trip I'm here to give a keynote and then immediately travel on to another conference. There isn't any time to really take in the beauty all around me.

Today, I'll take it easy and spend some quiet time at the resort pondering all the work that lays ahead.

Pondering always goes better with a glass of pinot noir doesn't it?