Move & Make Up - Two Inspiring Videos to Make Your Day Better

Move & Make Up - Two Inspiring Videos to Make Your Day Better

Sharing beautiful things I find online is something I love to do. Follow me on any social network and you are bound to discover a variety of content that crosses my path and that creates a response in me that makes me want to share it with other.

This week two videos jumped out at me so much that I wanted to share them again here on the site.

The first came via my daughter.

Emily and I are close and understand each other because we are extremely similar. She is a fellow misfit who is going to change the world in some way, so whenever she tells me that she thinks I'll like something I check it out.

Never in a million years did I think I'd ever watch, let alone share, a make up video how-to video. This one is something much more than that and the fact that my daughter was the one who shared it with me, lets me know that Laura and I are doing something right with our parenting.

The second one arrived via my feedreader and sadly I don't remember who to give credit for. But, this video inspired me enough to turn off the computer, throw on my bullet and go for a two mile ruck with Roxie.

The writing is as inspiring as the visuals are.

Take the time to enjoy these and share them accordingly.

It is never a bad idea to brighten someone's day.

Make it a great one.