Sailboat Lunch in the Ocean

CC-Chapman-LunchInTheOceanCaptain Tibi cut the engine and we slowly coasted directly for the island in front of us. Laura joked that it looked like another boat had crashed into the limestone on the beach and she hoped we wouldn't share their fate.

Like a graceful dancer, the seventy seven foot boat softly slid into the sand without so much as a nudge upon settling.

We were in Turks and Caicos to speak at the first annual Turks and Caicos Social Business Summit and the organizer wanted to thank us with a day out on a sailboat before the conference.

The water was the most beautiful shade of blue that I've ever seen.

Being a New Englander, I'm use to the pang of cold upon stepping into the ocean, but here it was warmer than a pool and more beautiful.

Wine was poured, cans of Presidenté beer cracked and silver platters of sandwiches arrived.

Our pale, sunburnt bodies bobbed in the waves as we enjoyed our lunch. The locals would shake the water and salt off their hands before grabbing a sandwich. It made sense to us.

I had to slip away to take this photo. There was no way I'd ever do justice to the solitude and beauty that we were given. Thankfully, I didn't drop my NX Mini into the ocean and it performed well even after getting it a little wet.

Meals have always been a special way to connect with people. Some of my fondest memories have come from sharing a meal.

This lunch may not have been five stars on some scales, it was beyond that on mine.

A beautiful location, surrounded by people I care about, my loving wife and new friends that I hope to see again very soon.

I'm betting that not many people have "eat lunch in the ocean beside a sailboat" on their bucket list, but after this experience I think more should.