Hashtags and The Future of Marketing

I don't write prediction posts. Sure, I get asked to contribute to them every so often and sometimes I'll give in and share my thoughts on the topic at hand.

Last year, Chris Penn of SHIFT Communications sat down with me to talk about the future of marketing.


Chris is a dear Friend and I love the team at SHIFT, so I couldn't say no.

It is fun to realize we filmed this in the early fall and then to look at everything being rolled out at CES this week. Guess I was right on a couple of things.

On the flipside, I was asked about my favorite marketing hashtag from 2014 and what I thought would be an important one in the coming months.

I replied that I didn't really track those sort of things and that my mind was elsewhere when it came to hashtags. They still wanted my thoughts, so I shared.


My two were #BringBackOurGirls and #GivingTuesday if you are curious.

Those are the type of hashtags I prefer to pay attention to.

The new calendar is hung up over my desk and the new year has arrived. 2015 IS going to be an interesting one. That much I know for sure.

How is your year going so far?