Oh MTV, You Still Make VMA Magic...

Oh MTV, You Still Make VMA Magic...

2015 MTV Video Music Awards Watching the MTV Video Music Awards is something I've always done.

I love the creativity shown through music videos and back when MTV showed them on a regular basis I'd quite often leave the channel on for hours on end.

Last night, me and the kids kicked back to watch the spectacle that is the #VMAs.

The performances are always over the top, the on stage hijinks always lead to conversation and you just never know when a boob (or Prince ass cheeks) is going to pop out on camera.

Kanye West received the Video Vanguard (where did the Michael Jackson part of the name go?) award.

We sat there watching this "speech" in utter confusion. It sounded like he was trying to make a solid point about creativity. It sounded like he was going to apologize for past actions.  It sounded like a lot of things, but I'm not sure he completed a sentence during the whole thing.

His rant about award shows and being an artist was the first time I've ever agreed with him in my life. I wish he had actually come out and said what he wanted to rather than stumbling through it all.

Of course the whole running for president part reminded me why I'm not a fan.

Then there was all the weed talk on the show.

During the commercial breaks you had The Truth running ads about the dangers of all types of smoking and then had everyone loving on marijuana on stage.

I'm still a little baffled at all the cut away scenes with Miley smoking it up, eating pot brownies and why they decided to go in this direction.

I couldn't help but think of all my marketing friends and how awesome it would have been if The Truth released a piece of real time marketing in reaction to Kanye talking about smoking pot before going to the show. Sadly, they didn't.

In between all of this there were some great performances, a crying Bieber and of course Miley's left breast.

It was surprising to watch the morning news programs and see no mention of her nipple anywhere. It wasn't that long ago that the whole country lost it's mind when Janet Jackson exposed herself. Guess it is ok when it is on MTV and not the Super Bowl?

I love watching shows like this with my kids because it is fun to see their reactions. We all laughed at how we weren't sure who this show is for since so little of it is what they are into.

More than once the presenters came up and we all looked at each other and asked "who?"

My daughter got more excitement out of Connor Franta introducing a Pepsi commercial than she did any celebrity on the stage.

Growing up for me, MTV was a huge part of my life and held an extreme amount of influence over my music tastes and pop culture references.

They sure have lost their way and are not that for the current generation. That much was apparent at all the laughs and questioning looks from my kids last night.

I'll keep watching because it is pure, silly entertainment with a few moments of music magic mixed in for good measure.

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