Time and What We Choose To Do With It

Time and What We Choose To Do With It

chapmans-and-J A week isn't a long time. A day is a little more than a blink in our lives.

Time and what people choose to do with it has always fascinated me.

This morning our exchange student from China left. The whole family woke up at 4am so that we could properly say goodbye to him.

J was only here for a week, but last night as we gathered for our final night together I felt a sense of missing him already. His reaction when I handed him a Chinese translation of Content Rules is one that I will always cherish.

Even after only a week, I hope I see him again.

In a perfect life, my family would find a way to travel to China and visit his home. In reality, perhaps we'll only exchange texts and the glancing hello that technology gives us.

I hope J lives a full and successful life. None of us will forget his time with us even if it was only a week.

We returned home and I chose to use my time to unwind completely.

The new season of House of Cards came out yesterday and a mini-binge of four episodes felt good. Once my brain is awake, it is hard to put it back to sleep.

Yes, there were other ways I could spend that time, but it is what I needed. It is what I craved. It took away from nothing that couldn't be tended to later.

Time. The thing that everyone wants more of and no matter how much money or power you have, you get the same amount.

Yesterday, I chose to use a few hours of my time to talk with two friends I don't see often enough. Each a woman that I adore and yet two very different sides of the human coin.

Each conversation was worth the time. Each good for my soul, my mind and my overall sense of being.

Maybe, this is the ramblings of a sleep depraved father who is spending too much time looking for answers to questions that don't need to be asked.

Maybe it time to end it and go on with my day.