Making Time To Do Nothing

Making Time To Do Nothing


I took this photo of myself earlier this week while off the grid with my father. It was quality time doing nothing and exactly what I needed.

Life is extremely busy right now with working on finishing up my next book, client assignments, preparing speeches for upcoming conferences and everything that comes with being part of a family with two very active kids.

Free time is a myth because I know I can always find something to take up every minute of the day if I needed to. That is why you have to make time to do nothing.

It is a bit sad that I need to set an out of office message clearly telling people they were not going to hear from me for three days. Even still, I had several people send e-mails saying something along the lines of "just in case you check your e-mail." When I say I'm going off the grid, I mean it.

The concept of workshifting is firmly in my DNA. I know that I can work from anywhere in the world if I choose to. But, I wish more people would choose to leave the devices and work behind from time to time and really enjoy life and their surroundings.

It did make me laugh that while I had full internet and cell access when I was in Ghana, I had neither earlier this week in Vermont. I couldn't check my phone even if I wanted to and the one time we had service, I turned it on long enough only to check if I had an emergency text messages and then turned it back off.

Instead of my usual view of a computer screen this is what I was looking at while offline. Which would you prefer?

Off the Grid in Echo Valley

Even though we live in a 24-7 world, I promise that taking a few hours or a few days away from it all is not going to kill you. But, it is up to you to make and take the time.

I came back recharged and ready to rock. My productivity has been through the roof and instead of playing catch up, I'm pushing forward. It feeels great.

Stop making excuses and start making quality memories away from your technology from time to time. It'll lead to a happier life. Promise.


It Really Is This Simple

Off the Grid Recharging

Off the Grid Recharging