TripIt: All Your Travel Plans In One Place

TripIt: All Your Travel Plans In One Place

CC Chapman TripIT TripIt is one of the most important tools in my life.

Whenever I receive a train, hotel, restaurant or flight confirmation I simply forward it to and I can instantly forget about it.

I can do this because TripIt uses its magic to create itineraries of all my trips that I can access from the web or my phone at any time.

Never having to worry about any confirmation number, hotel location or little travel detail makes traveling much less stressful.

Recently, the TripIt marketing team asked if I would appear in a new promotional video along side Mario Armstrong, Sharzard Kiadeh, Lee Abbamonte and Rachel Rudwall.

In a funny way, I feel validated as a traveler being among these great people.

Here is the finished product.

I hope some of the other footage we shot shows up in one form or another because we talked a LOT more in my interview about a variety of things.

It was easy to be part of this since I've used and loved the service for years. I can't understand how anyone who travels wouldn't use it.

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