Business Travel is Better With Your Spouse

I travel a lot.

Between speaking engagements, press trips and client work I'm on the road every couple of weeks.

Last week, my travels brought me to Girona, Spain to speak at TBEX and unlike most of my travel, my wife came along with me so that we could make an adventure out of the trip.

I wish she could come on more trips with me because having her there made it better.

Unlike many relationships, Laura and I are friends first. That makes time together something we both look forward to and any time apart isn't a good thing.

So, how is business travel when your spouse is along for the ride? Here are five immediate perks.

  1. You always have an excuse to escape from anything you don't want to be doing.
  2. A hotel room is no longer a sad place to return to at the end of a busy day.
  3. No table for one looks.
  4. You have a travel buddy to share all the amazing experiences with.
  5. They get to see you at work which gives them a new appreciation for what you do.

There are more, but those are the immediate ones that come to mind.

While many people would be freaked out over bringing their spouse along on a trip, I'm advocating for you giving it a try the next time the opportunity presents itself. It isn't possible for us that often since we have two great kids, but in this case it meant quality time with the grandparents. I can't wait until the day that I get to bring my kids on a business trip. That is going to be awesome.

Thank you to the TBEX and Visit Costa Brava teams for inviting Laura to come with me on this trip. I know we both greatly appreciate the vacation time together and it wouldn't have been possible with your help.