Choosing Optimism

Choosing Optimism


Every single day we are each given the option to choose the kind of day it is going to be. I talked to a friend recently as she sat getting her latest dose of chemotherapy. As we chatted, it was obvious that she had chosen it to be a good day. She was smiling and talkative even as she sat fighting for her life.

Another day I talked to a buddy who had landed a new contract and had spent a chunk of money on some cool new gear. Yet, as we talked he was complaining about politics and how angry certain candidates made him. He had chosen to be angry and distracted by things that didn't effect his daily life.

Neither of these is right or wrong, but we do have a choice.

Some days suck more than others. The sun isn't always shining. Mondays are rarely pleasant. Sunday mornings are bliss.

Any freelancer, consultant or entrepreneur knows the daily challenges that comes with that life.

We don't know where the next paycheck is coming from. Change is a constant in our lives. We are given many freedoms, but they come with having to dance with demons too.

A phone call with a friend yesterday lead to the topic of optimism. We talked a lot about what it is and how people choose to use it in their lives.

I hope we talk more about it because it involved a client of hers and I would love to be involved some how.

Hours after we hung up the phone I was still thinking about it. Thinking about how I watch people fall into the trap of anger and argument online for no real reason or benefit.

It is an easy time of year for that with the campaigns in full swing and winter making our moods darker.

I needed time to process the words more and find the right ones to tell my tale. Instead I grabbed my camera and filmed this video to collect my thoughts.

Off the top of your head can be dangerous, but it is when I do my best creating. Doing it this way is the only way to be honest so it has always been my approach.

Watch my video and then let me know your thoughts.

Make it a great day.

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