RamblesCC Chapman

One Week. All The Emotions.

RamblesCC Chapman
One Week. All The Emotions.

Last week was one of those series of days that won't soon be forgotten. A roller coaster of emotions brought on events close to home and around the country.

There was death, life milestones, anger and happiness.

I was shocked as I watched two black Americans be shot and killed by those who are suppose to serve and protect.

I cheered on my son as he started his first job and worked every day and quickly realized how different the world is with a job.

I gathered and cried with my community as we came together to grieve the untimely death of one of our own.

I awoke to the news of a deranged man attacking and killing men doing their job to protect and serve.

I cheered with friends as they watched their home country win their first soccer championship.

I hugged my son deeply with a tear in my eye as he shared the news of being accepted to his first college.

Trying to wrap my head and heart around this wide range of emotions was damn near impossible. One minute crying my eyes out, the next frustrated with anger and then being filled with love and happiness.

It isn't the sort of week I want to repeat any time soon.