Lucille Screen Shot Last night, The Walking Dead answered the question of who would be brutally murdered with a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat in the hands of a twisted man.

I watch the show and was ready to be emotionally torn to shreds.

It was as painful to watch as I expected.

Violence is a weird thing. People react to it in so many ways.

This morning I've seen multiple posts from people complaining about the level of violence. Yet, this is the seventh season of the show and it is nothing but blood and violence all the time.

Yes, it was human on human last night which is why I think it hurt so much.

Yes, they didn't pull the camera away and showed the brutality in gut wrenching realism.

Violence is never pretty and it is far too common.

But, you can't cheer and tell everyone to watch and then complain that lines are being crossed.

Violence doesn't know lines. It just knows how to destroy.