As The Next Phase Of The World Unravels, I'm Ready To Write

As The Next Phase Of The World Unravels, I'm Ready To Write

The dominoes are starting to fall and while I'm glad the truth will finally begin to be known, I'm also angry that this is happening in America. That we've become so "my side is right and your side is wrong" that we've lost sight of the bigger picture that we are one country and if another country messes with us, we should all be pissed. We woke without power this morning. Thankfully we were prepared and it is back on now.

Of course, it made me realize a few things we should have done but didn't. Also, had me thinking about all the Americans in Puerto Rico who are still without the power, water and attention they need to be receiving.

Both of these play a role in my immediate future which is why I'm writing about them.

National Novel Writing Month Dashboard

In less than forty-eight hours I'll begin taking part in National Novel Writing Month.

After interviewing the Executive Director, I couldn't shake the idea of taking part out of my head. It is something I've been tempted with doing many years in the past, but this year it appears everything has aligned properly for me to give a full on go.

The family is all on board and since you have to have a working title to track in the system I lovingly (and a bit jokingly) titled mine "Corned Beef Hash With a Side of Bourbon."

It is a road trip novel set in 2033. Just far enough in the future that I can take some liberties with technology and world events. Yet, keeping it close enough that I've had to take a long hard look at where I think things could go in the world.

I'll be honest that the last part has been rather scary.

What could all the hate grow into? What happens when third and fourth political parties are formed and start winning? How does technology taint interactions, love, and humankind?

The exercise in thinking about where it might all lead and then deciding how much I want to include in the story is an interesting experience.

I wanted to outline what the world looked like so I knew as much as possible for where my characters were living and playing. It feels like it will help a lot.

My personal #NaNoWriMo2017 goal is to hit the 50,000 word goal and come out at the end with a solid first draft. While I don't have a formal outline, I do know where I currently want to story to go, the main characters and enough to get started.

One special event tonight, Halloween tomorrow and then it is time to write.

Wish me luck!

December: The Long And Short Month

December: The Long And Short Month

Why I Write? I Have No Choice.

Why I Write? I Have No Choice.