My Beliefs

My Beliefs

Black and white stream in NH My beliefs are simple and set in stone. They've evolved over time as life experiences shape them like river rocks.

I don't judge people based on the color of their skin, who they choose to worship or who they love.

I judge everyone based on their words and actions.

Your word is your bond.

Putting in the time, effort and work is the only way to get what you want.

Break my trust once and you'll never earn it back fully.

I forgive as much as possible, but I never forget.

Protecting those I love comes before all else. If you choose to hurt anyone I love, I'll do everything in my power to destroy your world.

Friendships mean the world to me. There is nothing I wouldn't do to help a true Friend.

I have an optimistic heart, but a realist soul. While always looking for the silver lining, I know sometimes there are only storm clouds.

There are bad and evil people in the world. They need to be dealt with.

Any organization that deals with veterans, dogs or children get my attention and help.

There is no greater honor than to serve in the military to protect our country. Anyone who can meet the physical and mental standards should be allowed to serve.

Our country needs to do a much better job of helping Veterans when their service ends.

More people should have conversations with those they fear and don't understand so that they could learn that different doesn't have to scare you.

If you're willing to eat meat, you should be comfortable with killing it.

Technology is an amazing thing, but if more people got away from it on a regular basis things would be better.

Not enough people think before they speak.

There is never a reason to have a phone in your hand while your foot is on the gas.

I try to put more positivity into the world than negativity.

These are mine and you don't have to agree with them.

I love traveling the world because it opens me up to more experiences and reminds me that humans are the same and different everywhere you go.

Most just want to keep their family safe, make enough money to take care of their needs and live a happy life.

Make it a great day.

Don't Trust Others To Care About Your Career

Don't Trust Others To Care About Your Career

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Being a Duck Ain't Easy, But It Keeps Me Sane