The Mixed Feelings of Travel

I’ve come to accept that being on the road and away from my family is part of my life. As an author, speaker and consultant I’ve got to get on a plane or train quite often to get to the people who are paying me for my services.

I also have an incurable case of wanderlust, that makes me want to experience everything the world has to offer and meet as many great people as possible during my time here.

But, the truth is every night before I leave on a trip I get a little down and sad because it means another set of days that I won’t be at home with my family where I am most happy.

I know I’m not the only one who deals with this and there are ways to stay connected while I’m away, but it is tough.

Today finds me flying to Rotterdam where I’m speaking on Thursday night and then will get to spend a day in Amsterdam as well. This is an amazing opportunity and one that I’m very thankful for. I can’t wait to walk around these cities with my cameras and capture it all and then share it with all of you.

But, on the flipside I hate the fact that I’ve got an 8 1/2 hour plane right ahead of me. I’ve never spent that long in a chair in my life. It also sucks since I rarely sleep on planes. But, my iPad and laptop are both loaded with content and I’ve got some magazines as well to pass the time.

A great quote I once heard was, “I love travel. I just hate getting there.”

I don’t know who said it, but it fits my feelings perfectly.

It will be an amazing week. I know that.

I know I’ll return home with stories, photos and a new stamp on my passport. I also know that when I wake up in my own bed and the kids come in to give me birthday hugs it will be the best feeling in the world.

Safe travels to everyone else on the road today.

  • Arjun Basu

    I hear you on this. I’m sure you have heard, quite often, people say “You’re so lucky” and I suppose we are, in our own way, that we travel so much. But the thought of getting on another plane (and I have no excuses for not liking that experience: I usually fly in Business or First), the jet lag, man, it’s hard to complain to people because you sound spoiled but, yes, it becomes a bit painful. And this leads to the other truth: vacation time, for me at least, means I don’t want to go far, I want to do next to nothing, but that’s not fair to the family and so when you want that down time, you end up travelling some more. Have a safe trip.

    Amsterdam is a great, great city. One of my favorite cities in the world.


    • You are totally right. 

      I hear those statements all the time from people and YES I am lucky and it is great to see all these places, but it does come at a cost.

      I’d never complain about all the traveling I do because I do love where I get to go. It just causes mixed feelings because at the same time it means I’m away from other things I love.

  • Hi CC.  Ever since starting my wonderful new gig i’ve traveling to Boston…a lot.  I have that same feeling at night.  I’m doing what I love, but there is always some inner conflict.  It sounds like we both have the love and support of our family and friends, which makes all the difference.  I like how you are capturing each trip in detail with photography and sharing it with the family.  I’m going to start doing the same.  I think it will really help my young kids see the world with me.  The things my kids have been most excited about were getting handwritten post cards from me.  I know how old school that sounds, but nothing i’ve done has gotten them more excited.  

    Have a great week.

    • I love the postcard idea. For a while I sent some out to random people and yet I don’t think I ever sent one home. Probably because I’m not gone long enough on most trips for them to get home before I do.

      • Ann Handley

        Another spin for older kids: I’ve started sending postcards to my college kid when I’m in  a new city or sometimes even from a funky place here at home. Got this from our friend David Meerman Scott, and it’s a great way to connect with kids that ISN’T email. (Have an awesome trip, Wubs.)

      • You are the second person to suggest this. Think I need to start doing it.
        Wish you were along for this trip. Never the same doing a book event without you.

  • Completely agree and understand. Another quote I like is from none other than Old Blue Eyes himself: “It’s so nice to go traveling, but it’s oh so nice to come home.”

    Safe travels!

    • Now there is a quote I’ve got to remember. Thanks for sharing it.

      • Here you go:

  • I understand that feeling too well.  When I was getting ready for my last trip to speak in Florida my daughter cried saying Daddy can we go with you on your business trip?  I miss you when you go!  

    Ripped my heart apart.

    • Thankfully my kids have grown out of that age, but damn that does hurt.

  • Completely understand, C.C.  I’m in a similar situation and definitely have those same mixed feelings.  Safe travels!

  • I know the feeling CC, luckily i’m at the stage where travelling hasn’t got old yet (even in economy)! For now I’m going to take every opportunity I can! 

    P.S. Enjoying spending some time in Boston, the podcast references are starting to make sense now!

    P.P.S. if yesterday was anything to go by you will have a huge tailwind and be there before you know it!

  • Lindadol

    Have a safe trip CC.  Enjoy and we look forward to the travelog.

    • Thanks mom. Can’t wait to have you guys down for Christmas!

  • Enjoy the time there and then enjoy Christmas when you return.  Be safe.

  • The positive side of Business Dying for me the last 18 months has been that I have been able to spend a lot of time with my 11 month daughter. 

    This year I have travelled very lightly compared to every other year since I left college 9 years ago. 

    Traveling can be fun but sacrificing at the same time. Good luck in Rotterdam. 

    • Every minute is gold. Especially at that age!

  • People that say we’re lucky because we get to go to all these places don’t realize that we don’t often get to SEE much of where we are. That would require taking an extra day or two to actually look around, which means even more time away from family, and without being paid for it. This year has been a blast, but it’s seriously one big blur of airports, cabs, hotels, and ballrooms. I’m going to make a poster of all the places I’ve been this year (50+) so I can recall it a little bit. Someday. 

    But, as you say, it’s much better than nobody caring what you have to say, so we have what is classically known as “rich people’s problems.”

    • NO kidding.

      Long list of cities I have been but never seen. That is why this trip I wanted to spend at least 1 day in each.

  • I’m the same way too. I miss them like crazy when I’m traveling. Heck, I miss them when I’m at the office too.

    Have a safe trip C.C. Thank god for iPads and such. It’s so much easier to make the time fly by nowadays.