TEDxTalks - Living an Amazing Life


There are moments in your life that you’ll remember forever.

Some will be the simplest and smallest of happenings. Others will be epic life changing events.

On November 24, 2012 I stood just out of sight at TEDxLacemarket in Nottingham, England and prepared to deliver my first ever TEDxTalk. I had the perfect blender of nerves, adrenaline and words flying around inside me as it became time to take the stage.

I’ve given hundred of speeches in front of crowds of all sizes over the years. I get great satisfaction out of motivating and inspiring all audiences.

For weeks I had been stressed about this talk because I knew that while the physical audience in the room would be small, the potential audience around the world was on a scale that is hard to imagine.

It would also mark the first time I shared the core ideas from the pages of Amazing Things Will Happen and I was unsure how people would take them.

Watching this back for the first time, I’m proud of how I did. It didn’t go exactly as how I planned and practiced, but I’m fulfilled to have this experience under my belt.

Living an amazing life is something each of us is entitled to and capable of. It is rarely the easy path or the most obvious, but it is always the most rewarding.

That is what I wanted to get across in my talk. How did I do?

Photo Credit: Caron Lyon

  • Dan Gorgone

    Congrats dude!!

    • Thank you my friend. We sure have both come a long way down our own paths.

  • Candace Alcorn

    What a great talk! I’m going to share it now with some of my favorite people.

  • Really enjoyed this talk, CC. I’ve seen you a number of times at NMX/BWE and always liked your presentations, but there was something about this that encouraged me to watch twice in a row. I agree that life is made up of a few, very special moments. That was one of them. Congratulations!

  • Amanda Maurer

    I really enjoyed this! Totally what I needed to here right now since I just started working from home full-time. I’m on my way to living the amazing life!

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