Purple Rain Sorrows

Tomorrow Is NOT Promised

Prince’s passing gave me a hugely needed nudge and I wanted to pass that nudge along to you. Stop trying to hustle and instead get to work!

Rest in Peace Prince

Rest In Peace Prince

Prince was and always will be my favorite musician of all time. I can’t believe he is gone.



My newest venture has launched and I’m excited to tell you all about SocialGood.Club

BWI Airport

Connected Worry

Phones connect us all. In a moment of crisis we can let everyone know we are ok. But, what if someone you love doesn’t have their phone?


Savor or Binge?

House of Cards: Season 4 is now out and I’m trying to decide if I gulp it all down like ice water on a hot day or savor it like a fine wine on a Friday night.


Snapchat Stress

WAY too much stress going on in the world over Snapchat. Chill out. Have Fun. Don’t be scared to play with it.

Boston Ballet_BoBusby_PetraConti_JohnCranko'sOnegin(c)GeneSchiavone


On stage now at The Boston Ballet is Onegin. A darkly emotional love story that I completely loved.

Optimism CC Chapman

Choosing Optimism

Life is too short to always be looking at the negative and being angry or sad. Here is why I believe you should choose optimism.


Snapchat FYI

Have you ever wondered why someone over 25 would use Snapchat? Here is why I use it and love it.

2015 in Photos

2015 in Photos

A photo walk through the last year. Not necessarily the best photographs I took, but ones that hold special memories for me.


Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride.

Blogust ’15 is underway and I’m proud to be part of it. Every comment or share on this post will give a child in need the vaccines they need to live a full life.

Pamela Slim Community Tour

Building Communities

Pam Slim brought her Indispensable Community Tour to Boston and it was an inspiring and educational event.