24 Hours of Flickr

Today is the day for 24 Hours of Flickr. What do you need to do today? Just get out and take pictures of your day. Where you go. Who you see. What you are up to.

You have until the end of the month to upload them to Flickr and tag them and such.  But, because digitial cameras capture the date the images are taken they need to be taken today. So get out there and get shooting.

On my schedule today that might end up having photos taken at

  • Emily Soccer Game
  • Planting flowers in the yard
  • Mexican for Lunch (Emily said we had to for Cinco De Mayo)
  • [munk]'s wedding

Any and all of these will make for some interesting shots. I'm just going to keep shooting and then take the time to go through and find the best shots. Should be gigabytes of good fun.

Productive Weekend Makes Me Feel Good