Productive Weekend Makes Me Feel Good

This weekend the sun was shining, the yard was crying for attention and the grill needed to be used! So of course we did it all. Very productive all around. I even recorded another One Guy's Thoughts while the pork chops were grilling. Click below to watch it.

Watch One Guys Thoughts

On top of that I went to [munk]'s wedding which was a total blast. Right on the cliffs of Cape Cod and the weather was perfect. I'll be posting a whole bunch of pictures soon. For now you can look at this one of the happy couple.

We looked at four houses on Sunday and returned home with renewed energy to sell this house. We did lots of little things that we have been saying we'd do for weeks and now they are done. We have a couple of bigger projects in the works so we are feeling good about the whole process. The trick is figuring out the timing of everything. Part of the fun of life right?

Off to New York this week for my monthly trip to work with my fellow crayonistas face-to-face. Jam packed meetings the whole time I'm there that I hope reach their accomplished goals. They need to because we have a ton to talk about and I'm excited for the long hours and head banging on walls that is sure to happen.

My 24 Hours of Flickr Submission

24 Hours of Flickr