A Weekend That Felt Like a WEEKEND

Lately we have been so busy between life and work that I haven't felt like a weekend has happened in a long time. Thankfully this past weekend even though we had baseball and some work it still felt great. Sunday Afternoon NapI mowed the lawn and then went to take the clippings to the dump only to find out they were closed. I returned to find this scene in the back yard. I ran inside to grab the camera. I haven't even taken a nap in the hammock yet, but that's ok because this made me smile! How could it not?

We've been running on all cylinders here and the kids are starting to notice it. There were some conversations this weekend that remind me just how aware they are of their surroundings and are old enough to think and react to them. Nothing major, but enough that Laura and I will certainly be making sure that they are in the loop on everything and that we make sure to take time away from the craziness of life to talk to them more often.

Laura is upstairs asleep. She has been feeling a bit off and decided not to go in today which I think is a wise decision. When she got dressed I could tell she didn't feel well. Hopefully she will sleep a bunch and wake up feeling better. I'm fighting every urge in me not to go curl back up and go to sleep myself. I know my body wouldn't mind it.

Not sure what the week holds. Kind of the fun of a Monday morning.

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