A Weekend?

Rumors are flying that we just got done a weekend, but I sure must have missed it. *grin*

  • Friday morning get up at 3 am
  • Drive to Providence to catch a flight
  • Providence ---> Cincinnati ---> Iowa
  • Had an afternoon meeting in Iowa
  • Had a home cooked meal of steak and sweet corn
  • Went to the first ever Cedar Rapids Tweetup
  • Saturday morning at 4 am get up and head to the airport
  • Iowa ---> Atlanta ---> Providence
  • Drive straight from the airport to Manchester to see my cousins in from Alaska that I haven't seen since I was a teenager
  • Drive back home and finally see the family
  • Sunday go to the baptism and a wake
  • Now here in the office writing this post

Like I said, I think the rumors of a weekend were just that because mine seems to have been blurred into not happening.

Happy Family

On the Road Reading: Seth Godin's Tribes