A Great Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I honestly don't think I could have asked for a better few days with family and friends. The weather was hot, the drinks were cold and the conversations were filled with laughter. That is how I love to spend a weekend.

Sad Empty Ice Cream Tubs

I joked with Emily how in the course of the weekend she personally had gone swimming, fishing with a friend, slept out in her tree fort in the woods, marched in a parade, had ice cream AND had corn on the cob with grilled steak. An all around perfect Chapman weekend we both thought.

What bothered me a bit (and I know I really shouldn't care at all) was how many people I saw still writing the "top 10" and "social media is" type of posts over the weekend. They were talking about the same things over and over like they do every other day instead of turning that off and enjoying life for even a little bit.

I love that the tools are out there to allow us to stay connected. Instagram is quickly becoming a favorite of mine as it allows me to peek into the little moments of people's lives that I remember seeing shared from the early days of Facebook and Twitter before everyone started caring more about resharing, linking and influence rankings.

The fun for me with the social web is that I can stay connected and share experiences with everyone. I can see a silly pug walking down the street with balloons and share it with you. When my family goes for a walk through the woods you can come along virtually. THOSE moments are what make me love this world  I live and work in. No matter where I go or what I am doing I can share it with others. I love that!

I just find it a bit sad how few people around me can't seem to appreciate that side of their lives. They seem more concerned about missing a post, meme or funny video that will all still be waiting for them when they come back. Unplugging your brain and activities doesn't mean you have to unplug from the world. It just means you get away from your computer and get out and enjoy life.

Life is far too short to live it all through technology alone.


The Urge to Create With My Hands

The Urge to Create With My Hands

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