Camerabag.TV is Dangerously Awesome

Camerabag.TV is Dangerously Awesome

I've become addicted to CameraBag.TV

I've watched every episode they've done and am craving new ones. Each photographer is beautifully shot and the stories they tell are pure inspirational gold for any photographer. I can't pick a favorite to embed and share with you, so I'll just encourage you to watch them all. But, be warned that they have a high probability of waking up the photography bug in you.

I warn about this because I've noticed that I've been searching around eBay for old 35mm cameras and thinking I would like to try shooting on medium format.

Of course, this also means that I'm shooting constantly (which is a good thing) no matter if it is during my audiobook recording for Content Rules, my post walk lemonade or a tree that catches my attention.

Watch at your own risk, but you SHOULD watch it!