Brand New Week

Mondays usually suck. That is what the reality of it is. But, this morning I woke up refreshed, energized and ready to attack the world. Really full of positive energy all around. The garage cleaning yesterday was great. We had piles all over the driveway for different things. One was for stuff to go to the attic. Another pile for each of us. Another was the dreaded "yeah we've got to go through that and figure out what stays and goes." The bikes got hung up. The shed got filled. I even finally took the new lawnmower out for a spin and mowed the lawn. It was getting a little crazy in the backyard so it was needed.

Cleaning, organizing and forward planning is such an important part of anyones life. Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference. Such as we found a bookshelf in the garage that had been in storage. I put it in my office and got to start putting books on it. It was 1 am this morning and had a blast putting books on it. A little thing, but a good one. Anything that feeds positive energy into you sure isn't a bad thing.

I'm excited for what the week ahead holds. Can't wait for PodCamp Philly on the weekend. So many people I haven't seen in a long time and a lot of new faces!

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