Sunday night I got a whopping 3 hours of sleep so that made yesterday rough. Lots of deadlines which is why I was up late, but things got done as they should. I didn't drag yesterday, but last night I was crushed. So I tucked in the kids and then jumped in bed myself. I'd bet money I fell asleep before they did. They just had a story on the morning news saying that last year "we" created 161 GB worth of data on the Internet. There is no way that number is right. It's too low or they didn't give the right description of what it was. Who knows. Just seems SMALL to me with all the new media fun going on. Speaking of which have you watched VlogDeathmatch yet?

Lots of little things today including Dylan's annual physical. Hated that I had to make it during the day. Don't like pulling him out of school, but I'm sure he won't mind.

Wind, cold, CHILLY here today. Good old New England weather.

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