Crazy Two Days

Wow this has been a crazy few days

  • Wednesday night the oil tank runs out and thus no hot water or heat
  • I wait up for the guy to come and put in some emergency oil and get the furnace going
  • Thursday morning up at 3:30 am to get into Logan and jump a flight to NYC
  • Run around the city to meetings with six different companies
  • Take the bus to New Jersey to crash for the night at Steve's place
  • Get up early this morning and drive to Newark to catch a plane to Pittsburgh
  • Full afternoon meeting
  • Now sitting at the Pittsburgh Airport (free wifi!!!) and waiting for my plane to take me home to Boston

I could have stayed over but wanted to get home because Dylan has a soccer game tomorrow and then tomorrow night is family night. We are going to go into Boston. Do a really nice dinner with the kids and then take them to see the stage production of High School Musical. They don't know about any of it so it'll make for a fun time. I can't wait.

Now, while I don't want to do these sort of trips all that often it was completely worth it. Signed new business, got some other business extended and had some great face-to-face meetings with a ton of people I've only interacted with online and on the phone.

Oh, and I can't forget that my new blog for Entrepreneur Magazine went live last night as well!

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