Rhett, Atlanta & Guitar Hero

I have so much going on and so much I want to just brain dump, but no time at the moment. Today is the day that Rhett Butler's People hits the shelves at your local bookstore. The good folks at St. Martin's Press (client) gave me a copy of it. I started reading it but have not had time to make any headway into it. In a million years I would have never had any interest in this book, but by working on the outreach for it and finding out about the culture and the fans I'm curious and will give it a try. It's not as big as I was worried it might be so I can handle it. *grin*

Tomorrow I head down to Atlanta. I'm getting in earlier then I imagined so I'm trying to see if I can hook up with some people face-to-face for an early dinner tomorrow. I'm going down for the unveiling event for Virtual Thirst. It has been a long road full of learning and it'll be great to get it out there for everyone to play with.

Finally, I went to the store yesterday and picked up Guitar Hero III for the Wii yesterday. I had ordered it from Amazon but was told it was delayed and I didn't want to wait. Laura and I had fun rocking out last night. Dylan got in trouble so he couldn't play last night and doesn't even know about it yet. He'll flip when he sees it. I think he'll especially love the Matthew Ebel sticker I put on it.

Ok that is about all the time I've got and I have to get back to cranking. Lots to do and lots of fun doing it!

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