Pittsburgh Bound With Poison Ivy

The other night when I got home from speaking at Emerson my neck itched. It was right around the collar line so I figured it was from wearing a sweater that I hadn't worn in a long time. Then yesterday afternoon my face started itching and a quick look in the mirror told me I had poison ivy. This is a big deal because I've never gotten it before in my life. Grrr....guess I just have to deal with it. I've been having a lot of fun with Seesmic. It is a sort of community around video. People record short little somethings, reply to each other and just all around bring the world a bit closer. It has a long way to go, but what I love about it is the one click record and publish. I don't have to think about the video quality because everyone is using the same thing and none of it looks great. It is another outlet for my brain slurpees to just drop out of the head and to the world. Like this morning when I talked about how I like my coffee.

I'm jumping on a plane this afternoon to Pittsburgh. Down there for the My Home 2.0 block party. I remember laughing at the scheduling of having one of these in November and with the forecast calling for snow I'm still giggling a bit. Of course I'll be outside the whole time, but it should still be fun. Lots of photos and good times for sure.

Some really good people in Pittsburgh that I can't wait to hang out with and see again. Plus tonight is the night they turn on all the holiday lights across the city and I guess it's a big deal. Psyched that I can be there for that. Should make for a festive night indeed.

I have tomorrow morning free so any recommendations on things to do on a Saturday morning in Pittsburgh?

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