iPhone Weekend

So last night as the Apple Store opened back up on their site I went out to check out the iPhone. I contemplated buying one and then auctioning it off for charity or giving it away on one of my podcasts. Heck, for a moment I even thought about using it myself for everything but the phone features. But, then I read on the site (in tiny little letters in the bottom corner):

Minimum new 2-year wireless service plan and activation fee required to activate iPhone features, including iPod

So it sounds like you can't do anything on it without the phone contract. Guess I'll wait till this interface comes out as just an iPod. You know it's got to be coming. I want something better to watch my videos on and such. Oh well. I'll deal until the holidays which is when my guess the new versions of iPods will be out. That is 100% based on nothing at all. *grin*

Really looking forward to reading people's reviews of it once the new apple smell wears off.

Oh and the best person to leverage the insanity goes to Scott Sigler and his Twitter during the craziness. He turned it all into a modern day war of the worlds (or geeks). It was a blast to read along. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Time to get rocking. We've got work to do around the house this morning and then a BBQ this afternoon.

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