SeesMix & Mimobots

Ok, so I open up Seesmic this morning and this video was waiting for me. Wasn't ready to see myself in it! [youtube][/youtube]

I still find it funny that a product like Mimobots, which I have known about for a couple of years is suddenly exploding all over the new media space. Fun to watch and I'm psyched for the company.

Everything is good and great. Can't complain.

I just uploaded Managing the Gray #45 to the server. I'll get to doing show notes and stuff soon, but for now that link will take you to it directly.

Speaking at Emerson last night was a blast. I would love to teach a class sometime. But, it seems no one wants a teacher who doesn't have a Masters Degree. I'm a street knowledge sort of guy. I don't need a piece of paper to tell me I'm smart. *grin*

Pittsburgh Bound With Poison Ivy

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