Morning in New Jersey

I'm in the process of waking up as I write this. The coffee is hot and strong, the house is silent and I'm really looking forward to what this day holds because it's going to be an interesting one for sure. This trip to NYC has been very productive. Lots accomplished yesterday all around which is always a good feeling. Plus I love getting out here to see everyone face to face. Melissa, our project manager, and I finallly met for the first time yesterday. We've been working together now for at least a month, but we hadn't had the chance to meet face-to-face until yesterday and thankfully we instantlly hit it off. (not that I had any worries)

Lots of people asked me if I was anywhere near the steam pipe explosion yesterday and I can safely say no since we didn't even know it happened until Laura called me to see if I was. Goes to show you how big NYC is and how busy you can get and not even realize what is going on just outside.

Found a new addication last night and yes I know I'm LATE to the party. Steve showed me Guitar Hero. Dylan is going to love that game. I'll wait till it comes out for the Wii and then he can totally rock out. Too much fun!

Tonight is the Missing Pages event on Crayonville Island so I'm taking an early train back. I'm really looking forward to this because I have questions for the director and loved the movie.

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