Dishy Mix Interview

I first encountered Susan Bratton when my phone rang one day this spring at Dylan's baseball game. I instantly knew I was not talking to your typical woman. Since then we have met face-to-face and chatted several times, but I have yet to totally figure her out. I think she likes it that way! *grin* So, when she asked if I would be a guest on her podcast Dishy Mix, how could I say no?

Dishy MixWe recorded this show a few weeks ago and when she told me it was not going to go live till the end of the month I figured it would be the perfect place to talk about The Advance Guard for the first time. (more on that in another post soon) It was a fun conversation talking about the business, my past and music.

She actually made me pick my favorite male and female podsafe artists and then asked me to pick a single favorite podsafe song. As I said on the show that is like asking me to pick a favorite child. I went with the first thing to come to mind.

We also talked about holiday podsafe tunes, cooking Thanksgiving Dinner and the new media playground at large. After being a guest on the show I went back and listened to several past episodes and I really like this podcast. The variety of people and topics makes it a great listen.

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