Delta SUCKS - New Media RULES

Quick time line of the suckage

  • Sit on a plane for an hour at JFK and then they cancel the flight due to maintenance problems
  • Told I can go standby for the night flight or be confirmed for next day and put up in a hotel. Opt for the later
  • We chill in the hotel. Tell the kids we are "on an adventure"
  • Go back to the airport today and are told that we were never booked on the flight today and are stuck here till tomorrow.
  • Laura goes to get the luggage which we are told is still there.
  • I'm told we are not going to be put up in a hotel for the night.
  • Woman at counter lies to get me a hotel and turns out the luggage already went
  • We think about driving to Nashville. I get answers faster via gTalk on the Blackberry then Laura does calling her mom.
  • ALL cars booked so no driving

At this point I'm pissed, fried and more pissed. I Twittered a few times from the airport.

AS I walk into the lobby of the hotel I get a phone call from Chris Penn. Seems the new media troops have rallied. I've got a car service to take me anywhere I need (Thank you Jeff) and Brogan is rocking the phone lines for me.

I'm now back in my hotel after a ride to Target to buy clean clothes. 2 days in the same clothes is one thing, but three? Yuck!

Dinner is on the way and the kids are doing fine. We are SUPPOSE to be out of here on an 8:30 am flight. Keep those positive vibes flowing.

The moral of the story is that Delta Airlines sucks. Or at least the customer service person who lied to me sucks. I wish I had her name, but I don't so I'll just say that Delta really dropped the ball on this. Reading the news it seems a lot of airlines are dropping the ball this weekend.

But, since I would always rather look at the positive side of the coin I'm going to focus on how one simple post from me to Twitter started a chain reaction that I wasn't even aware was going on and suddenly my day was looking much better all around. Anyone who doubts that we are a community just doesn't get it. We are. We've got each other's back always.

Thank you!

On an "Adventure"

Off to Nashville