I Feel a Little Like Willy Wonka

Sunny Saturday morning where Laura rolled over and hugged me in bed and said, "We've got an hour before we have to be at soccer." Nothing like morning pillow talk like that to get a guy up right? *laugh* No soccer after we got there since the fields are one big sponge of a mess from all the rain. The kids played on the playground while we drank our coffee. Now we are home and planning an attack for the day.

I'm jumping a plane to Atlanta tomorrow and I've got some things to get done before then. Things like:

  • Going carpet shopping
  • Picking up medicine for Tigger
  • Making baked ziti, garlic bread and some good wine for dinner
  • Recording an Accident Hash to hit the Sirius window that I'll miss on Monday
  • Some client work here and there

I think those are the major things I've got to accomplish. Right now I know I've got to crop and rename some pictures and then upload them for a crayonista to start using.

Yesterday I was slap happy with stress, but I'm feeling much better about everything today. MUCH better indeed. I promise that if I truly do snap or my brain melts down to mush that I'll twitter it all for you to watch.

Oh and I have a plastic orange here I'm suppose to take pictures of. Perhaps I should bring it to Atlanta with me? Most likely not.

Gate C12

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