Gate C12

Sitting in an airport with time to spare allows the mind to wander. I knew it was spring break here in New England so I got to the airport extra early. Fire up the Wifi and get some good solid work done before jumping on the plane. I also forgot that I've got to stop in DC on the way down to Atlanta. That's why I forgot about the early flight this morning. Oh well, I'm here and through all the checks without too much headache. I did get a good laugh at the woman trying to bring a Cosco sized bottle of hand lotion through security. Her husband just looked at her and said, "Come on! You know better then that." I thought she was going to punch him right then and there.

Atlanta is going to be interesting. I doubt I'll even leave the hotel except to catch the cab back to the airport, but at the same time I KNOW the energy level will be high.

Trust me when I say that I'm thinking extremely positive thoughts and would love you to all as well all day Monday!

Dear Mr. President

I Feel a Little Like Willy Wonka