Manic Coffee

Had coffee with Kristin from The Manic Mommies this morning. We talked about a lot of things including their Escape Weekend which I know Laura is psyched about. Part of my role in this whole new media playground is to keep in touch with the community and play connector whenever I can. Last night dinner with Steve Garfield and Chris Penn. This morning Kristin. No one schedule for tonight. *grin* What I love about all this is that we have the same conversations, talk about the same passions and try to figure out how to burst the bubble of the echo chamber and push forward. There is so much passion and drive out there and I know that with the work I'm doing at crayon we are helping to push companies into this space. There are lots of other great companies and individuals doing it as well. It's a damn good feeling all around.

I'm also excited about the registration numbers for PodCamp Boston 2 and where that all is headed. It's going to be massive, fun and challenging, but I can't wait! Did I mention it was free?

For a hot and humid Wednesday I'm in a very chipper mood. Not going to let that sour. No f**king way!

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