My Work Environment

My Hypermediated Work Environment This is my desk. A post today on UberNoggin (a new favorite blog of mine) was talking about Al Gore's desk and the "mess" that it was in. The encouragement to share pictures of your workspace and how it is used of course made me stand up, grab the camera and just shoot a photo. Didn't touch anything to make it cleaner. It's pretty much how it is most days right now.

Since getting the 30 inch monitor I have noticed improved productivity. I can have multiple windows, applications and IMs all open at once and pay attention to all of them. Twitter is always in a corner just sort of sitting there and I gaze over at it every so often and bran dump in that direction whenever the urge strikes me. I can also create a little window for SL if I want to hang out and see who is around.

Having the laptop separate from the desktop is a huge help. Literally it has Outlook up on it almost all the time with my crayon inbox up on the screen. It sits in a docking station so that it is always charged and ready to rock when I need to. When the Mac arrives I'm not sure what I'm going to do. It's going to create a shift for sure.

In Firefox I almost always have the following tabs open in this order gMail, Bloglines, Twitter and then a bunch of other tabs for surfing and other things that I want to get back to. iTunes is always open with music usually playing as well as Skype and gTalk always connected when I'm in the mood to be connected with. It is a constant stream of hyper media fun!

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