New Hampshire Weekend

Usually it would be the calm before the storm around here as people are at the parade and the meat would be on for the Beef N' Beer party. But, this is the first year without one. Everyone is still at the parade, but I'm chilling here trying to get the Mac all set up. I haven't had any time to really use it yet so I'm trying to do that now. Keep IM's shut down and just get to know the feel for things. I'm getting there.

I have also come to a realization about things. Sort of a zen state after a very bad series of crap yesterday. Sometimes you have to realize and embrace that there will always be things outside of your control and it helps to just stop trying to change them. I remember going through this with something else and I was much happier and mentally positive after the fact. Glad I finally "got it."

It is hot and sunny here. The Upper Valley is going to be melting, but I'm looking forward to quality time together with the family and this Mac. It's warming up my lap as I type this. Can't believe how hot these things get.

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