Pie Day

It may not be a national holiday, but the day/night before Thanksgiving is always "pie day" for me. You might not know it, but I LOVE to cook and Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite meals to make. Part of that is making pies the day before so that they are ready and waiting. No store bought crap in this house. Sure I cheat and buy the pie crust to save time, but the rest is made from scratch. On tap this year is Cherry, Toll House Cookie, Pumpkin, Chocolate Creme and Chocolate Espresso Pecan.

I was a little disappointed that the biggest turkey I could find was a 15 pounder. I usually like to get one around 20 for the left overs, but it is ok.

My parents are coming down tomorrow and will be staying over night. It'll be great to have them here. I had hoped to have Laura's parents as well,but they've got a good excuse. :)

What I'm really also looking forward to is people sharing this holiday through Social Media. I'm sure there will be Tweets and Seesmics going on. I don't plan to be on the computer that much, but I love that people will be sharing their slice of the day with the world. It is why yesterday I took a couple of minutes to show the falling snow so that other people could experience it. That is what I love the most about this space. Being able to connect and share with people all around the globe.

Happy Thanksgiving

CC Pancakes